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Support Our Mission

The Teton Yoga Festival is a huge endeavor and we need your support! There are a lot of items we are trying to raise money for to make this festival a success. By making a donation, you would be supporting our mission, and making an impact in the world. Our mission is to honor the true nature of yoga, which is union. Every aspect of the festival is being planned and executed with great care and intention. We want to provide the opportunity for attendees to have a deep transformational, conscious experience that ripples out into the world. Everything we are offering will fall under one of these three categories: union with our planet, union with each other, union with the source that connects us all.

A percentage of your donation will go Mountain Roots Education, a local nonprofit that focuses on bringing gardens and greenhouses into our local schools, and educating about sustainable living. We feel strongly that we need to focus on the next generation. Mother Earth depends on us more than ever to make change. Children are the future and it's important that they are connected to the earth, and understand the importance of healthy and sustainable living.

If you want to make an impact and it's in your heart to support our mission and the next generation of children, we would be grateful. 

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