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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What sets it apart from any other festival?
    The Teton Yoga Festival will be held at a private venue that can accommodate up to 200 guests, plus presenters, vendors, and volunteers. The stunning location is located in the Targhee National Forest and offers an intimate retreat experience compared to your typical high volume yoga festival. The festival will be an inclusive event with food vendors, wellness vendors, on-site or nearby lodging, and more. Participants will be immersed in nature and community, with many opportunities for experiences that are intended to bring about a deep conscious experience of union. The most common feedback we have received from other festival attendees and presenters is that there are too many offerings. The common fear that is shared amongst attendees is feeling like they are missing out. Many have said there just isn’t enough time for reflection, to be in stillness, have time to journal, or to be in community outside of a class. We are listening, and have decided to incorporate 90 minute mealtimes into the schedule, so attendees can honor their personal needs and make a choice for how they want to spend their time. We will also be very selective about which presenters and teachers we choose and why, which will contribute to a more intimate experience that is aligned with our mission.
  • Can I purchase day passes?
    Yes! Day passes will be available for purchase in July.
  • Why should I choose the Teton Yoga Festival vs. any other retreat, festival, or vacation?
    All guests attending a festival share common intentions, to be in community, to experience love, to feel connected, to heal, to recharge and to realign. The opportunity for transformation is so much greater in a group, and with 200 people consciously coming together in this way will not only impact individual lives, but will contribute to building a larger heart-felt network that will strengthen the interconnectedness of humanity.
  • Is lodging and food included in the ticket price?
    No. Food and lodging will need to be purchased separately. All other traveling expenses are also your responsibility. Please check out our lodging and travel page for more information.
  • Is it encouraged to stay overnight at Moose Creek Ranch?
    Yes! Moose Creek Ranch has a variety of lodging options to choose from. Stay in one of their lodge rooms, rent a private cabin, bring your RV, or enjoy a quiet glamping tent alongside the creek. You can even stay in their luxury airstream trailer. Most accommodations include a kitchen. There will also be food vendors as well as a pop up cafe. For those staying onsite, there is no need to leave the ranch. For those who partake in glamping or stay in their RV park have access to a shared bath house with showers and toilets. Please note that there are limited accommodations at Moose Creek Ranch and not everyone will be able to stay onsite. Click HERE to learn more. Call (208) 510-0216​to see availability and to book your lodging!
  • Who will be presenting and/or teaching at the Festival?
    We are being very intentional with who we select as our teachers, presenters, and vendors, to bring about a deep conscious experience of union. Union with our planet, each other, and the source that connects us all. Our full lineup has not been announced yet. Stay tuned!
  • Where is the schedule?
    Click HERE to view the 2023 Schedule. The 2024 schedule will not are released until June 2024.
  • Is this a kid friendly event?
    No. We love children, but this event is intended for adults. The minimum age to participate in the festival is 16. Age limit exceptions may be made on a case by case scenario and must be approved in writing by festival directors. 
  • What is your ticket refund policy?
    Reservations for this event are nonrefundable. Transfering your ticket to someone is acceptable. If you need to transfer your ticket to someone, you must follow the instructions here.
  • What is the lodging cancelation policy at Moose Creek Ranch?
    Moose Creek Ranch, in partnership with Teton Yoga Festival, is allowing guests to Cancel lodging 90 days or more in advance: full refund minus 3% credit card processing fee. Cancel within 90 days: No refunds. Total costs are charged in full upon booking. Transferring your lodging to someone is acceptable, and you must notify Moose Creek Ranch in advance, and receive confirmation of transfer.
  • Do I need a printed ticket?
    No. Our team will check you in digitally. Bring a photo ID and show us your ticket on a mobile device. We are striving for zero waste and invite you to join us in this effort.
  • Is it okay if the name on the ticket doesn't match the attendee?
    No. Every ticket holder needs to make sure their ticket is matched with their valid ID. If you need to edit your ticket, or transfer your ticket to someone, you must follow the instructions here.
  • Where do I register?
    We will be announcing registration details closer to the festival.
  • Where are classes being held?
    Most classes will be held at Moose Creek Ranch in their beautiful barn, on the lawn under an outdoor tent, in the fireside room, or in the teepee. There will be a few off-site events on the schedule, such as hiking or farm tours. The schedule will be available closer to the festival.
  • When can I register for a class?
    We will be announcing registration details closer to the festival.
  • Do you provide yoga props?
    We will have some props available for classes in the barn, but can't guarantee enough for everyone. Please note, these props are not to be removed from the barn. Make sure to bring a yoga mat. If you have other yoga props you can travel with, we recommend bringing them. Yoga props include: strap, block, blanket, bolster, or meditation cushion.
  • What is a vendor/presenter?
    We have reserved a limited number of spots for vendors to present at the festival in the fireside lounge. The cost is $200 + your $300 booth fee. All vendor/presenters must be approved by TYF and are required to submit a bio and professional photo.
  • How much does a vendor booth cost?
    A 10x10 vendor booth (on the lawn) fee is $300. A 8x8 vendor booth (on the porch) is also $300. These rates are for the entire 3 day event (Fri-Sun). Limited spots are available.
  • What is included in my vendor booth?
    Vendors will receive 2 festival vendor passes and have access to festival offerings. Your business or organization will be featured on our website. We are anticipating 200+ guests as well as our presenters, vendors, and volunteers. There will be scheduled downtime throughout the festival which will allow time for attendees to shop vendor booths and receive vendor services.
  • What type of marketing do you use?
    We market on our website, email campaigns, social media, google ads, networking events, through our ambassadors, studio partnerships, flyer distribution, multiple publications, and more!
  • Are tables and chairs provided?
    No. To keep our vendor booth prices low, tables, chairs, and tents are not included. If you'd like to rent tables and chairs from us, we do have limited availability and will be issuing them to vendors who inquire first for an additional $75 fee (8' table and 2 folding chairs). Please inquire via email at
  • Am I required to bring my own tent?
    Yes. As a vendor, you are required to bring your own 10x10 or 10x20 tent. The only exception is if you are one of the "select product vendors" who will be setting up on our porch. If you don't have access to a tent, please inquire via email at for pricing and more information.
  • Is electricity an extra expense?
    Yes. Most booth locations will not be able to have electricity. If you need electricity, we must know a minimum of 60 days in advance. Your request must be approved in writing by a TYF director to be guaranteed electricity. Please inquire via email for more information and pricing.
  • When are the scheduled setup and break down days/times?
    Vendor set up is scheduled for Friday from 11 AM - 1 PM. Your booth must be completely set up no later than 1:30 PM. Gates will be opening at 2 PM. Vendor breakdown is scheduled for Sunday from 3 PM - 4 PM. Moose Creek Ranch requires all vendors to be off the lawn by 4 PM. If you need more than an hour to breakdown, please let us know.
  • Where do I check in when I arrive?
    There will be a designated registration table set up outside of the Moose Creek Ranch lodge. You will need to check in with a TYF team member and they will direct you to your booth location.
  • What if I need more than 2 vendor passes?
    Vendors will receive 2 vendor passes for the festival weekend. If additional passes are needed, Vendors must request additional passes and receive written confirmation from the Teton Yoga Festival that they have been approved.
  • How do I get wristbands for my staff?
    We will have wristbands ready for you at the registration desk. You will receive them when you check in on setup day.
  • Do I have access to all festival events?
    Yes. We will be announcing registration details closer to the festival.
  • What happens if it rains?
    We anticipate a beautiful sunny weekend. However, we ask that you come prepared to protect your vendor booth just in case. TYF will not be held liable for any damaged items. Bringing waterproof totes and/or tarps is a good idea.
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