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Our Story

It all started with the desire to create something meaningful and to make an impact both locally and globally. We knew to be successful, we had to have an open heart and open mind, allowing things to unfold organically. So we set our intentions and trusted that we would be guided to create an experience that was more magical than we could have ever imagined. With the help of our guides, our intuition, and the support that showed up along the way, we are honored to introduce to you, the Teton Yoga Festival. 


If you’ve been to a festival before, please know that this one will be different. The Teton Yoga Festival is paving the way for the yoga community, inspiring deeper individual experiences that ripple out into the world. Our festival is intended to be more like an intimate retreat, so be prepared to experience healing, love, community, and union. 

How we are making a local impact:

We will be providing education about our local land, ley lines, mountain ranges, wildlife, and the Yellowstone network. We will be honoring our land through ceremony and meditation. We are supporting local farms, raising awareness for their generous efforts to support the health and well-being of our community, and providing education about the importance of organic and biodynamic farming. We will also be raising money for the next generation, by supporting Mountain Roots Education, a local nonprofit that focuses on bringing gardens and greenhouses into our local schools, and educating about sustainable living. 

Above photos are from Teton Full Circle Farm

Photos #2, 5, and 6 taken by Selko Photo

How we are making a global impact:
We plan to bring awareness to the ripple effect and how one person can make a difference in the world. We will be leading intentional healing meditations for our planet and humanity. We will be providing conscious experiences in nature while bringing awareness to the healing benefits that are available through connecting with mother earth. The TYF is an inclusive experience that honors all beings, living creatures, wildlife, nature, and our planet. We will be providing education on the true meaning of yoga, while creating opportunities for deep experiences of union.

We are consciously selecting the teachers and leaders who we feel will help bring about an experience of transformation for all festival participants. Together our efforts will make a global impact and contribute to building a larger heart-felt network that will strengthen the interconnectedness of humanity.

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